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[Q&A-1] HR Interview Question's & An's

HR Interview Questions & Answers

1.                 Tell me something about yourself? (or) Let me know something about yourself
A.                   Yes sir/mam, I ____from ____I did____from____. My hobbies are ___, ___.About my family, my father is _____, my mother is ____, and I have ___brothers and ___sisters.

My strengths are:  
 I have good communication skills in English, positive attitude, good analytical skills and willingness to work in any environment.

This is all about me mam/sir.
     For experienced people:

    Yes sir/mam, I ____, I am presently working with ____as a ___for ___ years. I am specialized in ____.

My competencies are strong communication skills in English, good analytical skills, interpersonal skills and cognitive mindset. I would like to see myself as a ____in ___ years of time. This is all about me mam/sir.

2.                 What are your major weaknesses?
A.            My assertiveness and always I think that I am  perfect in all my doings but it may not be true in    other’s perspective. These are my major weaknesses.

3.                 Where do you want to see yourself after 2 years from now?
A.                           I would like to see myself as a team lead in this career in two years of time.

4.                 How long would you like to work here?
A.                           I would like to work here as long as the company needs my services.

5.                 Are you ready to sign on bond for 2 years?
A.                           Yes of course, I am ready to sign on bond after going through the document.

6.                 Are you ready to relocate anywhere?
A.                           Yes, I am comfortable to go anywhere.

7.                 Why should I hire you?
A.                           I have got enough competencies which are very essential to this career, so that I think I am perfectly suitable candidate to this position.

8.                 What is success to you?
A.                           Success to me achieving whatever I wanted to achieve in stipulated time.

9.                 How do you take failures in your life?
A.                           I take failures in my life as experiences for further success in future attempt.

10.            What are your expectations from this company?
A.                           I am expecting good career prospects and global exposure.

11.            What is your expected pay package?
A.                           I am expecting as per the company norms and conditions to this position.
(Or)   I am expecting around 25% hike on my current salary.

12.            How would you rate your communication skills on the scale of 1 to 10?
A.                           I would give around 8 to my communication skills.

13.            What would be your preference among Money, Work, Satisfaction and Designation? Why?
A.                           My preference would be Work, Satisfaction, Designation and Money. Because if I get satisfied with my work I can work here for longtime.

14.            Why do you want to work for call centers?
A.                           I would like to work for call centers because I am very passionate about customer services and it provides very lucrative career.

15.            What are the traits/ attributes of call center executive?
A.                           He must be good at communication skills in English language, analytical skills, problem solving skills and he should have a lot of patience to handle the customer calls continuously.

16.            Do you have any reference in our company?
A.                           I have no reference at all in your company.

17.            What do you know about this company?
A.                           This is highly reputed and top-notch MNC Company in India. You have client base all over the world.

18.            How do you know about this company?
A.                           I came to know about this through your website.

19.            Why are you leaving your current company/position?
A.                           I have mastered my work there and I am looking for more challenging career.

20.            If I enquire about your candidature with your previous employer, what would he say?
A.                           He would speak about me as a committed, trustworthy, honesty, team player and resourceful employee.

21.            What is call center?
A.                           Call center is a place where the calls are received or answered in a high volume for sales, marketing, customer service and other specialized business activities.

22.            What is inbound call center?
A.                           Here the call center executive will receive the calls from the customers to answer their queries.

23.            What is outbound call center?
A.                           Here the executive calls the customers for sales and marketing and other business purposes.

24.            What is Outsourcing and BPO?
A.                           Transferring the office work from one location to other location and getting done it.

BPO:  BPO stands for Back Office Process Outsourcing (or) Business Process Outsourcing. Here the executive will get the Document from the clients and process them according to the requirements and send them to the clients.

25.            What is your notice period? Or how much time do you require to join here?
A.                           I will join within 2 weeks.

26.            What are your expectations from your team leader?
A.                           I expect good work support, encouragement, motivation, cooperation and right guidance to do my job well.

27.            Do you think team work is important for any organization?
A.                           Yes, because by team work only we can achieve more together rather than individual efforts.

28.            How do you face stressful or difficult situations in your workplace?
A.                           I face any difficult situations with the help of my senior colleagues and with my team leader. If necessary I will take my peer’s support also.

29.            Did you face any typical situations in your previous company?
A.                           No, I did not face any typical situations in your previous company.

30.            Do you have any questions for me?
A.                           Yes, I have some questions: 
Do you provide any formal training before getting in to work?
What would be my designation after getting selected? And would you tell the company’s hierarchy?

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